Joint Number Theory Seminars at Beijing

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Workshop on Representations of p-adic Groups and Automorphic Forms.

Workshop on Representations of p-adic Groups and Automorphic Forms.

This is a three-week workshop on irreducible supercuspidal representations of p-adic classical groups, classification of unitary representations, and relative trace formula for automorphic forms, organized by Dihua Jiang, Ye Tian and Fei Xu

The program is from July 1 to 20, 2008. The lectures are arranged as follows:

July 2-4: Lectures on basics of representations of p-adic groups(organized by Dihua Jiang)

July 7-18: The following lectures are arranged

1) Professor Allen Moy (HKUST) (5 lectures): The Moy-Prasad Theory and Constructions of Supercuspidal Representations of p-adic Groups

2) Professor Fiona Murnaghan (Toronto) (6 lectures): On Distinguished
Supercuspidal Representations

3) Professor Dan Barbasch (Cornell) (5 lectures): On Classification of Unitary Representations of p-adic Classical Groups

4) Professor David Whitehouse (MIT) (8 lectures): On Relative Trace
Formula for Automorphic Forms and Related Topics

There will be Study Sessions arranged for students after the main lectures.
There will be also Seminars lectured by some of the participants on related topics.

Interested graduate students, postdocs and junior mathematicians are
welcome to participate the program. Please contact

Dihua Jiang (
Ye Tian (
Fei Xu (

Participants may arrive on June 30 or July 1.


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