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Monday, January 29, 2007

Iwasawa special Year at MCM

From Tian Ye and Wang Song:

Dear Colleagues,

The below are some informations about the Iwasawa special Year at MCM. All of you are welcome to attend these seminars.
Suggestions and comments are welcome.

all the best,

Song and Ye

I. There will be two-week-Seminar from Jan 23-Feb 4. The first two talks are in this week and other around 6 will be
in next week. In next week there will be also some student talks which are usually in the evening.

1). Title: Introduction to representations of real reductive groups
Time: 14:00-17:00, Jan. 23
Abstract: This is a brief introduction. I will introduce the basic
objects that are studied in representation theory, i.e., (\g,K)
modules. Two standard constructions of $(\g,K)$ modules will be
talked. They are real parabolic induction and cohomological
parabolic induction. The unitary group U(p,q) will be taken as an

2). Time: 9:00-12:00, Jan. 26

Abstract: The report is on Hida's paper: Iwasawa modules attached to
condruences of cusp forms, Ann. Sci. L.E.N, vol 19,(1986), 231-273".

3). In next week (Jan 29-Feb 4), Wang Song (Jacquet-Langlands theory for GL_2), Peng Guohua (p-adic
L-function from cyclotomic units), Zhang Qifan (Gross's thesis on Q-curves) Yuan Pingzhi (Diophantine Equations and
Galois Representations), Tian Qingchun (Gauss-Mainin connections) Ouyang Yi (p-adic Galois representations).

II. There will be two mini-courses start with Feb 26. One is given by Prof. Li Delang on class
field theory and the other one is on the basics of elliptic curves.

III. Prof. Coates and Sujatha will give a one-month-course on Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves with complex
multiplication. The below is quoted from an email of Coates:

"Sujatha and I have decided that we will indeed lecture on the CM theory,
starting in some sense from square 1, and explaining things like the
Deuring-Weil theorem and the basic facts about the grossencharacter at he
beginning of the course. Our aim will then be to prove the main conjecture
for the field of p-power division points, when p is a prime of good
ordinary reduction, following the cyclotomic model in our book (but there
are many additional problems required to deal with a p-adic Lie extension
of dimension 2). I think the background references are as follows:-

[1]. My LMS lecture, Elliptic curves with complex multiplication and Iwasawa theory,
Bulletin London Math Soc 23 (1991), 321-350;

[2]. Yager's article, On two variable p-adic L-functions, Ann. of Math. 115 (1982), 411-449.

[3]. Rubin's article, The "main conjectures" of Iwaswa theory for imaginary quadratic
fields, Invent. Math. 103 (1991), 25-68;

[4]. De Shalit's book, Iwasawa Theory of elliptic curves with complex multiplication."


Blogger JE & ME said...

Is there any news of Professor Li Delang after the earthquake this week? Is he safe? We are academic friends, John and Margaret Cooper, University for the West Indies

May 13, 2008 at 9:07 PM  
Blogger Wang Yonghui said...

maybe you can ask

"Wang Song", or "Tian Ye",

Tian ye is the previous student of Prof. Li Delang

May 13, 2008 at 10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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